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Recruit, Train, and Recruit Again – how can we take this pain away?

19 Jun 2022

Recruit, Train, Retain, and hopefully not to repeat, but why do so many of us have this challenge?

Who else is struggling with recruitment? If you are one of them, then we completely sympathise with you, and if it’s a no, then let’s see where we might be going wrong. We spend time, and money advertising, trawling through pages of CV’s, interviewing, the selection process, interviewing again, and maybe again. Then sending off for references, and waiting for responses! If all good, then the successful candidate will probably need to give a notice period from their current position. So that little process could set you back around 8 weeks. If you have gone through an agency, then you will be parting with a substantial fee too, otherwise it’s the cost of your time.

Finally – the long-awaited arrival of the Telesales executive has now joined the Company. What happens next? Training, lots of training, identifying the individuals learning gaps, getting to grips with your own Hardware, and software, and yes, most people have a basic understanding of IT, but it would be unusual for a new team member to walk through the door and know it all on day one. Learning about the culture of the company, the working environment, the health & safety for all concerned, and if the position is office based (and not working from home) also getting to know where everything is, and meeting your new work family. Ok this is great, it’s still going well, we are now on week 10 from the start of the process, recruitment check, basic training check, and now flying solo….. but wait, it’s not for them, the “calling in sick” has started, it’s not the role they thought it would be, and they are really sorry etc etc….. and now it’s back to the recruitment process all over again… the basic training process starts once more, add another 10 weeks, that’s approximately 20 weeks, and the business has lost nearly 5 months of telesales lead generation!

Bringing in a new work family member is exciting, but it’s a gamble – a gamble at a time, when new business opportunities are going to be crucial to the coming months.

What attracts us to a Company? What makes a business interesting? Why don’t people stick around for too long? Have you asked yourself how can we attract diverse, unique, specialist personnel?  Difficult one, when the answer is in the question, we are all unique! The short answer is the recruitment process will never be right for everyone, the company might not be the right fit, or the candidate is not the right fit, and one size will not fit all. However, as a recruiter we wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we have matched the unmatchable. It needs to be entirely clear to the employee to what the Company values are, and what their expectations are. If it’s clear from the beginning, then why could it go wrong?

Training is a great way of keeping staff engaged, but it shouldn’t have to be sending your staff away for weeks on end, as investment/training in your staff can be done in many ways. As a Business owner/Director/HOD you could host your own training programme, monthly or quarterly, even create your very own company certificates, after all, the certificate is a prize, and that’s the reward! You can encourage a member of the month award, it’s a great feeling for a member to feel recognised, and it also helps the employee monitor their staff’s progression, or not!

We at 24 offer that halfway house, and the quick turnaround solution of tried and tested outsourced  telesales staff that can be called upon at short notice, without the pain of recruitment. Our people will be made ready for the telesales campaign in question in an efficient manner, and start to deliver those telemarketing opportunities to your business. Call us on 01782 409788 and tell us what your challenge is, and we will offer speedy advice on what your best practice should be to start to your telesales lead generation efforts.