The Brief

At 24 I.S. we have the pleasure of working with a market-leading online service provider, who works with leading retailers and brands.

Starting with nothing more than an initial concept, we worked closely with the client to design a sales strategy to take an innovative new service to market.

What We Delivered

With an initial emphasis on proving the delivery capability of the service, we came up with a business name, a simple set of ‘products’ that customers could easily understand, and a simple pricing structure.

Initially, we designed a sales process and sold the service to small retailers and brands in order that we could prove to ourselves that we could both deliver a working solution in a stable fashion, as indeed support it.

Following early sales success, we set our sights higher and approached a number of household name retailers with the service, and very quickly managed to win orders from three well known online and traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers.

We repeated our methodology and the service is now supplied to a large number of both well-known brands and retailers across the world.