Customer Service Support available on a flexible basis

What services do you offer?
We can provide both inbound and outbound customer service support. For inbound, we will look after your telephone call enquiry handling, we will manage your incoming emails and respond on your behalf, and we will happily manage and reply to any of your incoming social media messages from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok.
If you have anything specific in mind, please come and talk to us.

How are your staff trained?
One of your existing team or management would talk to us about the specifics of your business, and what you are looking for. You would give us that training overview to get us started, and as part of your virtual team, we will all get to know each other better over time. You will have one or two main contact people to provide resilience and continuity, and we will have regular contact to receive and provide updates, to gain more knowledge on this side, and indeed to give you feedback on customer dialogue. Moving forward, we would train any new starters from scratch, again to remove the overhead of onboarding staff.

How do you recruit your team members?
We look for people who have strong interpersonal skills, who are self-motivated and want to do a good job for 24 I.S. Limited, and our clients. They are typically people who will stand out, and make a good impression with your customers within the first few seconds of a phone call. We will also look for people with the correct skillset required for the job in hand – and within our business, we have some people who are suited to outbound telesales calling, and others who have a very polished Customer Service manner.

I don’t need full-time staff – can we have support on a part-time basis?
Yes, some of our clients will buy a certain number of days of support, and we will keep a timesheet of the time spent working on your arrangement – this means that your clients receive quality Customer Service support, and you only pay for the time used.

We would like our own exclusive team for our support – can you help us to build a team?
Yes, we would talk through what you have in mind, and we can certainly assemble a dedicated team with all of the infrastructure and telecoms in place, leaving you to focus on your core activities.

Why are 24 I.S. different?
It’s the aim of our business to provide an excellent level of support – which is noticeable of a higher standard than we are all used to from our own everyday experiences of dealing with large call centres.
We select a specific kind of individual that will typically have a friendly, approachable, and effective style to deal with your customers, and can employ a common-sense approach to problem-solving and communication.
Your customers will experience this as soon as they deal with our team members, and ultimately we hope that this will result in more business for you.

Do you work with start-up and small companies?
Yes – our services can be offered to any size organisation, and the same quality principles will apply across the spectrum of business sizes.

How do you access our systems?
We will normally access your systems or CRM via the internet, and we will update this as we go. Everybody has their own unique needs, so please feel free to discuss this with us.

Can I have a person to work for us for a specific period of time?
Yes, it may be that you only need a person for a few hours a day, or for a few hours per week. Or alternatively, there can be set days where you need someone all day, or for part of the day. Our flexible commercial structure will give you the option to obtain such cover.

If we have specific projects from time to time, can you help with those also?
It is often the case that a spot project may arise while we are working with you, so please come and talk to us, and we can intelligently discuss how our team may be able to help.

How can we communicate with the team for updates and ongoing dialogue?
It’s common for our clients to use Microsoft Teams and/or Zoom to hold virtual meetings, especially during this period where our people are working from home during the pandemic. We even use Microsoft Teams within the individual team units to stay in touch during the working day – so that our colleagues can all communicate face to face.

Will we be able to visit your office to meet and train the team that would be working for me?
Yes, in normal times, we would be very happy to meet you in person at our offices. Due to the pandemic, we may discuss with you how best to do this, but we would be happy to have an initial face to face meetings in our offices (or perhaps on your own offices, depending on geography).

Do we need to provide the telephony equipment?
No, whilst you can provide your own hardware if you prefer, all of our team use the latest VoIP phones, and you can divert your calls and telephone numbers into our system here. All of our calls are of course recorded and monitored for quality control purposes.

Got any more questions? 

If you would like to know more about how we may be able to help you, then please call us for a no-obligation conversation , or drop us a line at or get in touch today.