24 I.S. can help you assemble an outsourced telesales team, tailored to suit your requirements. All such requirements are bespoke and initially, we would simply need to discuss your thoughts & ideas in order to put forward a solution for you.

Our location in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent gives us access to an abundance & wealth of quality telesales people.

There are a number of valid reasons as to why a company would have an outsourced sales team away from their main base:

  • Lack of available salespeople in their local area
  • The cost of sales staff in the immediate vicinity
  • Limited existing sales know-how within the business
  • Not enough time to devote to recruiting and managing telesales people
  • Restrictions on physical space in their current environment

If you have a challenge in any of these areas, we can assist.

Our team will be based within the UK and we would only ever use our own staff to carry out your campaigns whether they be short, medium or long term.

UK outsourced sales teams