Outsourced Lead Generation

24 I.S. Sales Intelligence are a specialist business in the world of outsourced sales and lead generation.

Our experience of successful campaigns has covered but is not limited to the areas of Information Technology, Telecommunications, Renewable Energy, Expert Procurement, Legal Services, Physical Security, Retail Services and Charities.

If you don’t have enough sales staff, or your existing sales resource is at full capacity we can provide a short or long term solution for you. We will start off with a small pilot to enable you to understand how we work, hence there is no long term tie in from you required.

We will talk through the components of a solid telesales or lead generation programme – i.e. the pitch, the person, the process, the data and the proposition.

Outsourcing this sales activity will allow you and your business to focus on what you are best at.

Why Do Companies Outsource Lead Generation?

Effective lead generation can be challenging. Not only can it be expensive but it can also be very time consuming, and at time, a little frustrating as new methods arise. If you don’t have enough staff or your sales team is already performing at full capacity, logistically it can also become a problem.

For these reasons many companies choose to outsource their lead generation. Outsourcing not only saves time on prospecting, but it can also save you time in terms of identifying qualified leads, and pursuing them. If done correctly, it can also help you to achieve higher conversion rates and improve turnover.

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At 24 I.S. we provide short and long term solutions which are tailored to your individual needs and requirements. We pride ourselves on becoming an extension of your business.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please call us today on 01782 409788 for a friendly chat.