We are often asked – “How does the process of outsourced sales work?” The answer is simple – we create a simple sales outsourcing service that suits YOU the customer.

Our philosophy is one where we position ourselves as an extension to your team – and we act as a partnership within your brand. Our case studies listed elsewhere on this website are updated as of March 2023 demonstrate our ability and experience in connecting you with new clients.

What part of our sales activities can we outsource?

The quick answer is either some of it, or all of it. For those businesses that do not have dedicated sales resources, we can cover the whole sales development from lead generation, to closing orders, or any activity in between. We also recognise that some businesses may just want to outsource small components of their sales efforts, and therefore we can help with telesales, outsourced lead generation services, appointment setting, or outsourced customer service.

How long does our arrangement with 24 last?

It depends on what you need. You can use us for days, weeks or months – you can use us for a certain number of days per month, or you can use us to generate a set number of appointments or leads – it’s up to you.

How do you access our data?

We will normally either access your CRM via the internet, and update this as we go, or we will update spreadsheets and pass these back to you. Everybody has their own unique needs, so please feel free to discuss with us how you handle your content.

Do 24 I.S. supply the data, or do we do it?

This is up to you. We can help you find the best data possible to help you maximise the results of any campaign and you can buy this from us, or you can supply your own data if you prefer. Please make sure that your data is up to date, and contains relevant contact names, job titles, phone numbers and that it is TPS checked. Again, we can offer simple advice on these points.

How do we receive the results of what 24 I.S. do for us?

What would you like to receive? Most clients simply ask for output on a “lead sheet” that will capture the information that you need, or an order form, or in a simple email. We will send these over within 24 hours of any call that is made, but usually, the information will be sent over to you almost immediately to a representative of your company.

Don’t forget that in this modern world, remote working is an accepted part of business, and this is what we are offering.

Do we need to enter into long term contracts?

No. Some customers will just take one or two days per month from us – it is dependant on what you are trying to achieve in what time frame – and we can offer advice on this too.

How do we know if this will work for us?

Talk to us – our experience as a business has given us exposure to many different industries, and products and services – it may be that we can help you with a small pilot of outsourced telesales so that you can test your own services out for your industry, and test us out too!!

How do I know you won’t share or pass my leads to anyone else?

At 24 I.S. we treat each campaign on an individual basis and any leads generated under contract are 100% exclusive to you. We are happy to provide and sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) as a demonstration of our integrity.

Can 24 I.S. do “end to end” outsourced sales for us?

Yes. Our team are not just lead generators, they are fully trained and experienced end to end telesales people. This not only means you can get fully qualified detailed leads and opportunities, but it also means that we are fully flexible and can do as much or as little of the sales process that you require.

Can 24 I.S. follow up on incoming enquiries?

As our team are fully trained telesales people, we are more than happy to follow up, develop and close any or all of your incoming enquiries. We can do this by setting up an incoming sales line directly to our agents, or follow up as and when required by spreadsheet or your online portal.

Can 24 I.S. handle overseas call-out campaigns?

We are more than happy to quote and have already operated overseas call-out campaigns. This would be priced depending on the time zone and hours of calling required, and would include any surcharges for calling to overseas landlines and/or mobiles as appropriate.

Is there a setup charge?

This depends on your exact requirement, but usually, no, there is no setup charge unless there are special circumstances.

How are the costs structured?

Typically our services are offered on a day rate – and our clients pay for a set number of telesales days per month, or for a spot campaign to keep it simple – no commission. We have clients that take anything from 4 to 20 days per month to suit their own budgets and workload – and our callers would normally conduct between 80 and 120 calls per day.

What is my alternative to outsourced sales?

You can hire your own sales team. Please remember to think about your total cost of ownership of having your own sales teams e.g. the time to interview candidates, recruitment fees of circa 10% to 20% of basic salary upfront, office space, furniture, computer and phone systems, software licences, national insurance contributions, holiday and sick pay, training, strategy, goals, defining your audience and a Sales Manager, (or someone to manage and motivate them), and that is all before you’ve worked out if they will be any good for you, or if they will stay for more than a few weeks.

Can 24 I.S. offer consultancy to help us with our sales performance?

Yes. We will ask lots of questions first of course, but this is something we’d be prepared to do. We need to learn your processes, growth targets, ideal prospects, target markets etc

Can I run a small pilot campaign with 24 I.S.?

Yes. It’s a really good way to start so that we can gain some mutual understanding and trust, and you will quickly see the quality in our outsourced telesales services.

What has changed in the world of outsourcing sales since the pandemic?

We have a loyal and dedicated team at 24 – and are very fortunate to have a group of people who have offered longevity, and therefore a vast amount of outsourced telesales experience and expertise. They have actually continued to deliver all the way from the beginning of UK lockdown in March 2020, and to provide a professional service on an ongoing business to our clients, certainly during the initial difficult period.

Now, as we return to a level of Business As Usual, we see a mix of Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings being booked – clients are very often more open to this than they were before, and some face to face appointments are being booked also. There is now an element of travel cost coming into play, and therefore our outsourced telesales efforts are flexible to adapt according to the needs of our clients.

What are the advantages of the outsource sales services of 24 I.S. in the current environment?

The 24 team are here and ready to work for you, and provide an outsourced telesales service very quickly. The current employment market is proving a  difficult one is proving to be a difficult one in which to recruit good quality, and loyal telemarketing staff – at a good cost. With 24, our team will advise you on how best to train our people very quickly to begin to “open doors” for you – and ensure that your telesales efforts are accelerated so that you do not miss out on opportunities.

The flexibility of outsourcing telesales for anything from 4 days to 15 days per month, for as long or as short as you need, reduces the cost of your sales endeavours dramatically (especially when you include recruitment cost, salary, NI, equipment etc).

Where are 24 I.S. based?

Our offices are based in the UK, on the Cheshire & Staffordshire border, this is close to Crewe, and to Junctions 15 and 16 of the M6 motorway. Our location means that we are close to all the major conurbations, with London being 1.5 hours away on the train, and Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool all reachable within one hour.

How soon can we start a campaign with 24 I.S. if we have an urgent requirement?

We have never encountered a customer who can move quicker than us and typically we quote a lead time of a couple of weeks. However for anyone that needs to kick off their outsourced sales experience sooner, then we have been known to move things around in our schedules to begin our telesales calling efforts within days.

What trends are you seeing for Outsourced Sales?

A common theme is that whilst companies have a need to have sufficient resource to generate new business opportunities, attracting the right labour resource in 2024 with both the outbound calling skillset, and staying power is proving to be more and more difficult. This is where 24 I.S. can help, and we can provide a very good value commercial package to provide interim or ongoing telesales and sales cover to help with lead generation and outsourced telemarketing.

What success stories have you seen for 2024 for Outsourced Sales in the UK?

Whilst our UK-based outsourced sales team are generating multiple leads for many clients, one success story is the company who have won over £400,000 worth of revenue, freshly generated business from just 20 days of our services. (He has described us as the best telemarketing company that he has ever worked with – and we will be continuing to work with us for the coming weeks and months).

Where do I start with obtaining data for my calling campaign?

Some people will already have a list or quota of numbers to call and this can be a good starting point. Best practice tells us that having contact names at target companies is much better than not in our vast experience of providing outsourced sales services. We can help you to both acquire telesales data at a very good rate – however should it not be readily available, we can always provide a bespoke data building service to help you get started.

I don’t really know what we need – who can we speak to?

It’s always best to talk if you’re not sure, so please call 01782 409788 and ask for Tim Jones or Kay Keeling. Taking the first step in considering outsourced sales is at the very least worth a conversation, and we can quickly work out if this is right for you. We are posed with plenty of sales challenges every month, and our vast experience of sales and telesales in many different sectors means that we can point you in the right direction, even if that means that you don’t use us.