Ever thought about outsourced sales management to give your business a fresh pair of eyes?


Are you in need for somebody to act as a temporary or interim sales leader?

We can discuss arrangements for sales consultancy or interim sales management, instead of or alongside your existing sales managers ' even if your requirement is urgent.


Ask yourselves the following questions :-


  • Does the sales force understand what is needed of them on a daily / weekly / monthly basis?

  • Do they have a clearly defined set of targets?

  • Have they been set KPIs set for numbers of telephone calls, numbers of quotes, numbers of appointments etc

  • Do they have regular meetings with sales or senior management for two way feedback?

  • What obstacles if any do your sales people need to overcome to carry out their daily duties? Have they shared this with you?

  • Do they know their products? Have you asked them to give you a one or two minute pitches on the company / particular product that is most profitable for you?

  • Could they provide unique selling points for your business?


24 I.S. can carry out a quick assessment for your business answering these questions and many more via a process of interviews with all key members of your team and provide a positive programme of business development and improvement to get your business selling again.

We can cover all industries and most areas within the UK.

Call us today and we can discuss your challenge and work out a solution for your needs - we've even been known to provide next day solutions!