Supply of Data Lists

Any successful sales operation requires the foundation of a good solid database or data set.


Whether it is your sales people or our own that are using this data, it’s vital that they are given the best chance of being successful.


We take a very simplistic approach to building data based on our experience over many years.


We will speak to you about what you are trying to achieve, and we can provide you with a fresh set of data accordingly.  Within that we will endeavour to select an efficient data set that will:-


  • Provide you with the correct person or job position to speak to.

  • Ensure you are speaking with the correct size of company (based on employees, turnover or any other suitable metric).

  • Seek to concentrate your efforts on either the private sector, or public sector or both.

  • Ensure the correct vertical market is targeted for your products or services.

  • Efficiently have you prospect in the correct geography to ensure competitiveness and to reduce operational costs.


Please contact us on 01782 409788 for no-obligation advice, and for a quotation.