At 24 I.S., we adopt a very straightforward approach to telemarketing for you.

Initially we will spend some time understanding and talking to you to understand your needs, and will compare that to our vast experience of putting together many different campaigns in lots of different industry sectors.

We will then give you some suggestions on how we may potentially help with a tailored programme to suit you.

Initially, we may suggest a small pilot programme to get you started, and that helps you get to know us, and us to get to know you and your business. Following a successful pilot, we can then talk to you about a flexible arrangement to suit your business moving forward - sometimes this can be just a few days a month, or perhaps even a 2 or 3 month campaign - you decide.

We endeavour to adopt your own culture and will call in your company name - we can even email information out to prospects for you from your company email address.

We can either call your data, or we can help you source records for us to call on your behalf, and this would be extracted to suit the market that you are targetting. 

We cater for anything from one man businesses to large multinational organisations with experience in many industries. Our culture is very open and we will share call recordings with you as evidence of the work that we have done on your behalf so you can hear the conversations yourself with no spin!


The foundation to any successful campaign is getting your data right in the first place.

Whether you already have the data or not, we can provide a solution for you.

We will talk to you about your challenge and put a solution in place that allows your business to quickly and efficiently approach your target market. We are happy to work with your own database and work through the records contained within, or we can help you obtain new data to meet with your current needs.